Speak to Someone About Your Concerns

Staff Employee, Faculty, and Student Employee Consultation and Complaint Options

Staff employees, Faculty and Student employees may contact equity@ucsc.edu, for assistance with concerns related to discrimination or harassment in the workplace or other matters related to Equal Employment Opportunity.

In addition,

  • Staff employees, faculty, and student employees should contact the Title IX Office at (831) 459-2462 for assistance with matters related to sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking and domestic violence.
  • Staff employees, faculty, and student employees may contact Campus Conflict Resolution Services at (831) 459-2290 for confidential assistance about conflict in the workplace that does not involve allegations of discrimination, retaliation or harassment. Employees who have not decided whether they wish to file a complaint and/or want to ensure that the concerns they share are kept fully confidential may also contact Campus Conflict Resolution Services
  • For staff employees and non-senate academic employees, you can find more information about filing a grievance or PPSM 70 complaint, contact the Employee and Labor Relations Office. You can also find the ELR directory. 
  • Senate faculty may consult with Adrienne Ratner, Director of Academic Employee Relations in the Academic Personnel Office regarding concerns and for information: (831) 459-5032, anratner@ucsc.edu
  • Student employees may contact equity@ucsc.edu


Applicants for Employment Consultation and Complaint Options

Applicants for staff positions who feel they may have been discriminated against or believe that fair hiring practices were not adhered to may contact equity@ucsc.edu

  • Applicants for employment (staff positions) who have concerns about general fairness in the campus hiring process may contact the Staff Human Resources Talent Acquisition unit at (831) 459-2009.