Affirmative Action Plans

Equity and Equal Protection is responsible for preparing UCSC's required annual Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs). Affirmative Action Plans are, in part, compliance documents which demonstrate that the University complies with regulations required by federal contractors and is an obligation we undertake in seeking and accepting federal funding. These regulations emerged as a result of the 1960's Civil Rights Movement and resulting civil rights legistlation and the purpose is to remedy the residual effects of historical discrimination as well as prevent and remedy current discrimination. Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity are also important components of our campus commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

The process of preparing the plans ensures and demonstrates that we monitor our employment practices in specific, measurable ways so that we may identify barriers to equal employment and take steps to remove such barriers. AAPs include prescribed, quantitative diagnostic analyses, which are used to determine if UCSC's workforce reflects the gender, racial and ethnic profile of our labor pool. In addition, we are required to evaluate personnel actions, including promotions and reclassifications, to determine whether there are selection disparities, and if so, take steps to address and prevent such disparities from recurring.

In the AAP process, we set future placement goals when we find that we are hiring "minorities" and women at levels lower than expected given availability in the labor market within our recruitment regions. (This is called underutilization.) The remedies for underutilization are to expand outreach efforts in order to diversify applicant pools and remove any barriers to equal employment. We also analyze how we are doing in reaching federal benchmarks for hiring protected veterans and individuals with disabilities. For information regarding current UCSC placement goals, and for best practice strategies please contact

Printed copies of the academic and career staff AAPs are available for viewing by appointment at Equity and Equal Protection. Please contact